Eyes In Your Child’s Bedroom: Exploiting Child Data Risks with Smart Toys


  • Joshua Streiff

Slides: Click Here

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a phenomenon which has penetrated the global market in virtually all devices capable of connecting to the internet.

Smart Toys are one such emerging devices which enables one to have the toy experience and provides various internet features, such as playing and interacting with one’s child.

Worldwide, smart toy sales in 2017 reached 5 billion and is expected to exceed 15 billion by 2022 by the IoT marketplace in 2017.

Though useful, exposure to the internet also provides exposure of risk and vulnerabilities. Due to a lack of common knowledge of IoT functionality, home IoT devices pose a serious concern for users across the world.

Our research investigates smart toy vulnerabilities and performs penetration testing on toy products.

In our presentation, we will present a summary of the risks & vulnerabilities and provide users employable mitigation practices to secure the private spaces, data, and members of the home.