Elevate your Tenable/Nessus Pro game to the next level


  • Gabe Thompson
  • Eric Schwartz

You can’t always choose the tools you work with. Not a vendor talk, just working with what we were given to use.

Use Nessus Pro, Tenable Security Center or TenableIO? Don’t settle with stock CIS audit files and limitations with working with TenableIO’s API.

Showing how there are gaps that we’ve worked with overcoming with CIS audits to meet an organization’s baseline scanning efforts, Gabe used PowerShell scripting to craft checks that can ensure true pass or true fail.

In similar fashion, working with TenableIO can be challenging to get something that you want. TenableIO’s API is a primary means to get data from scanning.

Eric created custom python scripts that can help you get the information that is useful to you and your organization.