Code of Conduct

tl;dr: Be excellent to each other.

By attending Security B-Sides MSP (“BSidesMSP”) we hope you agree to be bound to this code of conduct and recording policy for the duration of the event.

You agree irrevocably that failure to follow this policy will result in invalidation of your ticket and removal from the event.

Be respectful and considerate to others. Not all of us will agree all the time, but disagreement is no excuse for poor behavior and poor manners.

Remember that sexist, racist, and other exclusionary jokes can be offensive to those around you. Do not insult or put down other participants.

Harassment and other exclusionary behavior aren’t acceptable and may result in removal from the event.

If you experience harassment or have any other concerns, tell us immediately. Please contact a member of the BSidesMSP staff either in person or email us at

Photo/Video/Recording Device Policy

tl;dr: No press, video or audio recording, or photos allowed in the villages. BSidesMSP has two official photographers, they’ll stand out.


Ensure you have the permission from anyone you photograph or record. This includes those in the background of your shot. “Crowd shots” from the front (facing the crowd) are strongly discouraged. No photo/video/audio recording in the Villages.

If you’ve accidentally taken a picture without permission, delete it. If you are asked by a participant to delete/blur a picture they did not give you permission to take, do so immediately.


Press photographers must adhere to this policy, as well. A Press badge is not a pass to break these rules.

There are two official BSidesMSP Photographers. Both will have professional cameras and Staff badges.

They are aware of this policy and are not immune, except in cases where they have been requested to document activities, official parties, presentations, etc., for BSidesMSP PR purposes.

If you believe that either of the official BSidesMSP photographers are breaking these rules, or abusing their privilege, please bring it to the attention of BSidesMSP Safety & Security or any BSidesMSP Staff member.

Upon a first infraction, you will receive one warning from BSidesMSP Staff.

Upon a second infraction you will be asked to give up your device to BSidesMSP Safety & Security for the duration of the event or to leave the event with your device, your choice.

You may return to the event once you have deposited your device in a secure location, offsite.


Special permission may be obtained, in advance, with at least 72 hour notice, for an isolated demonstration of a workshop, training session, or village activity.

Any demo request that violates the spirit of “responsible disclosure” will be denied.

Any individual or group divulging information without the approval of BSidesMSP is doing so of their own accord. Their views, comments, or opinions do not represent BSidesMSP, its staff, content providers, or sponsors.